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Kilig Destinations: Tagaytay

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we have prepared a special series to help you plan a romantic adventure of a lifetime, right in your home country’s own backyard. Stay tuned as we give out the best activities and best destinations for lovers this love month!

For as low as PhP 4,000.00 per person, you and your sweetheart can enjoy an overnight, intimate stay at Tagaytay. Check out this amazing offer.

Bear hugs and you-know-what-comes-next

The months of January and February are downright the coldest in the country. Temperatures can drop to as low as 18 degrees Celsius even in Metro Manila, and the populace enjoy the coolness of the air that will sadly dissipate as fast as the summer heat comes in in March all the way to June. Well, while it’s still here, its a cool time to hug and cuddle and spend intimate moments with our partners. But what if we take that cold, lazy, I-love-lying-in-bed-with-my-sweetheart day to the next level?

A vista of the highlands

We think one of the most perfect yet very simple activity that you can have for this Valentine’s Day is to take your sweetheart to a sweeping stay at one of the many amazing accommodations at the city of Tagaytay in Cavite. Yes, yes, Tagaytay is synonymous with cold weather and a sweeping, panoramic view of Taal Lake and Volcano, and spending your Valentine’s weekend here, wrapped up in the arms of your special someone, seated on a comfortable, grassy patch with one of the gems of nature right in front you seems like a no-brainer. Its a romantic and rejuvenating respite even if you stay for just one night. Here are some other ideas for your Tagaytay Valentine getaway:

  1. Ride a la Prince Charming on horse-back and save your damsel in distress. Okay, not really ‘saving the damsel in distress,’ since it would be so much fun and kaka-kilig if you and your damsel (or prince) will hitch a ride on just one horseback. Just imagine it and you’ll swoon in no time.
  2. Fly high. Those zipline rides for twos never get old. Seriously.
  3. Fly high part 2. Tagaytay’s Sky Ranch has an excellent ferris wheel that will set you up to romance on a beautifully starlit and cold night at the top.


Tagaytay. A no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. Check it out here: an amazing Tagaytay deal.

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