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Kilig Destination: Ilocos

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we have prepared a special series to help you plan a romantic adventure of a lifetime, right in your home country’s own backyard. Stay tuned as we give out the best activities and best destinations for lovers this love month!

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Romantic and Romantic

Few places in the world can lay claim to being both romantic and romantic at the same time? What does that even mean? In the first sense, we know the romantic as something that fires up chemical reactions in our bodies so that our hearts skips beats and we are in that euphoric state where we are ready to fall in love. It’s a beautiful feeling, something that we seek and we desire as normal human beings. The other romantic has that sense of quaintness – of old-worldliness, of years gone by, of nostalgia, of beautiful memories and of breathtaking scenery. In a strange mix of feelings – being romantic and romantic at the same time – this metaphysical quality is rare for a place. But time and again, a place up north in our country has this amazing quality that makes it a truly excellent destination for lovers, all year-round.

Romantic Ilokandia

The place is indeed Ilocos. Stretching from the beautiful beaches in Pangasinan to the quaint and nostalgic churches of Ilocos Norte, the Ilocos region is a stretch of land at the far northwest of Luzon and has risen up in tourist demands due to the recent crowning of the city of Vigan as one of the New Wonder Cities. Here are some romantic ideas for your Valentine getaway:

  1. Ride fairytale-like at one of Vigan’s calesas, and roam this beautiful old-world city. Fantasize as the darling king and queen of your fancy kingdom as you tour the heritage houses around the city of Vigan in a traditional horse-driven buggy.
  2. Challenge your beau to an empanada eating contest. Pretty self-explanatory, romantic and tastefully satisfying.
  3. Take a leisurely walk at the shores of Ilocos, with the Bangui Windmills in the backdrop. Prepare your monopod and a delightful smile as you take a couple-fie with the giants of Bangui.
  4. Ride the sand dunes of Suba. List this among the extreme, but you must definitely try this.


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