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Kilig Destination: Hong Kong

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we have prepared a special series to help you plan a romantic adventure of a lifetime, right in your home country’s own backyard. Stay tuned as we give out the best activities and best destinations for lovers this love month!

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Hong Kong doesn’t have that ring when we think of the idea of the romantic. Why not – we tend to see Hong Kong as shopping destination, a playground (looking at you, Disneyland) or a zoo (hey there, Ocean Park). Talk about ‘recently’ and we see Hong Kong as the tense, non-bloody battleground between the government and its protesting people; switch to ‘historically’ and we find ourselves looking at it as a former colony of the British Empire. But it’s not exactly a romantic destination. We see Seoul or Tokyo and their parks as romantic, but not necessarily Hong Kong. However, it can be an awesome destination for lovers this Valentines’ 2015.

Treat him/her/yourself

What can make Hong Kong an instant romantic destination is giving in to some indulgence – shopping spree! Shopping, when done right, is a great stress reliever and a good way of putting a smile on your partner’s face. Yes, materialism is wrong, but a few treats here and there, plus the odd fun of haggling with the vendors on Cat Street would be one for the books. Here are some of the amazing Hong Kong experiences that you can share with your special someone this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Be childlike and experience Disneyland. Seriously, if your not excited to go to Disneyland like a toddler, you should beef up your sense of wonder. ‘Have fun!’ is an appropriate enough tip for you and your sweetheart when you get there.
  2. Take a mile-high couple-fie from Victoria Peak. Get that smartphone and monopod going ’cause you’re taking a couple-fie with the world’s most beautiful skyline.
  3. Dine and shine at the roof of IFC mall. The splendid IFC in Hong Kong has resort-level sofas, tables and armchairs that anyone can use. Provided that you don’t want to spend so much in the nearby restaurants, just bring in your own stuff and dine there.


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