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Kilig Destination: Boracay

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we have prepared a special series to help you plan a romantic adventure of a lifetime, right in your home country’s own backyard. Stay tuned as we give out the best activities and best destinations for lovers this love month!

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A ‘walk’ to remember

Well not that movie, but sometimes the simplest activities can help excite the romantic flame or rekindle it if has been burning low for too long. Take walking for instance. Sometimes, a slow, cadenced and intimate walk in a beautiful park or in a meadow is all lovers need to reflect on love and affection. This Valentine’s Day, taking such romantic ‘walk’ to the next level will surely fire up theĀ kiligĀ to the next level.

What better way to do a simple, easygoing and leisurely romantic walk than do it at one of the finest stretch of beaches in the world – Boracay. Rated as the fifth most romantic island in the world in 2013 by Travel+Leisure, Boracay’s charm is in its powdery fine white sand and breathtaking sunsets – something that lovers the world over have rejoiced and romanticized all over again. The charm of Boracay – even in the midst – of its uncomfortable modernization, has stood the test of time, with February being a peak season time and again.

Adrenaline-rushers, too

But Boracay will not be Boracay if not for the almost-infinite number of activities that lovers can enjoy in this island: snorkeling, windsurfing, kite-surfing, scuba-diving and even island-hopping for two to nearby Puka and Bulabog Beaches. A panoramic vista at the top of Mount Luho inland will be picturesque for monopod selfies and romantic moments. And the wide-range of accommodation and options to setup romantic, just-the-two-of-you dinners and getaways and activities at amenities (think couple spas and massages!) just about makes Boracay a no-brainer for lovers this Valentine season.

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