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Kilig Destination: Baguio

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and we have prepared a special series to help you plan a romantic adventure of a lifetime, right in your home country’s own backyard. Stay tuned as we give out the best activities and best destinations for lovers this love month!

For as low as PhP 2,750.00 per person, you and your sweetheart can love month getaway in Baguio during the Panagbenga Festival. Check out this amazing offer.

Women (well, most probably), swoon at the sight of flowers from their lovers. Says a columnist at Elite Daily, “Call it shallow, but many women believe that flowers reflect who we are… It’s a really great way to flatter your lady,” and sure enough, the smart guys strive to know which flower would please his girl. A bouquet of those and a box of chocolates, plus maybe a sweet, heartfelt serenade from the musically-inclined, will surely make a girl head-over-heels. That’s still a lot of effort from the guys who must pour time in resources just to get across that message of love.

Flowers, plus some other romantic treats

Which brings us to Baguio, which, for all intents and purposes Valentine’s-related, celebrates the Panagbenga Festival during the month of February. What could go wrong? Literally the flower festival, Baguio in February is adorned with rich, fragrant and vivacious array of flowers – from single stems to bouquets to floats of wonderful blossoms. First held to help the city rise up from the tragedy of the 1990 earthquake, the Panagbenga is a staple sight for Valentine’s tourists in Baguio. Here are some other things you and your sweetheart should do when in Baguio:

  1. Walk among the giant pine trees. Self-explanatory, but do it with flair (like wrap your arms around each other’s back while walking).
  2. Go biking at the Burnham Park. Remember Jenny and Johnny from the Korean drama Endless Love? Well, that’s pretty much about it.
  3. Go boating at the Burnham Park lake. You haven’t visited the Burnham Park if you don’t do this.


In Baguio, you can give something bigger than a bouquet of flowers to your beau – the Panagbenga Festival. Check out this offer.

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